Who am I?

Who am I? What does it all mean? Hmph.

I am Julieanne, I have created this space along with several others on social media pages to act as a safe and open environment for young people (or old, or whoever you are) to learn about life. Things like experiences and how to deal with certain situations, thinking in a productive way and accepting outcomes you can’t control. You be you, that is all you can be, so do it as well as you can. Just remember to keep in mind that your journey may look very different to someone else’s, so be kind!

I have a series of videos being released weekly over on my youtube channel!

You can also keep track of my whereabouts, whats happening and the movement on popular social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram.

But why? I am surrounded by the reality of daily influences. The smallest, unintentional, however negative, comment that brings down someones day. Or the message that was sent with the intention to inflict hurt unto a person. Most of these ‘daily influences’ come from social media platforms. I noticed there is a lack of space for people to be confident and uphold others, without being ridiculed or being told ‘being nice doesn’t get you anywhere’

I am also open to helping people with any questions you may have about something you may be experiencing – maybe i can shine some light in your directions. Just e-mail me at julie93arnold@hotmail.com.

If you do email me, please include the following information;

Your name – or be anonymous

Where you are from – country, no specifics

Your age – for the appropriate of advice given.

If i believe you have a topic worth talking about publicly, I may use points of your situation, with your approval (keeping any personal details private), in a blog post.

Welcome to my safe space, please feel free to join in the conversation.