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Welcome back!

Anyone who knows me well enough will already be aware that hiking is my one of my favourite things to do! However, due to the extremities of hours that I work and the weather lately it hasn’t been a very good idea to go adventuring.

MOVING ON! I had the absolutely pleasure of a sunny day and a day off on Easter Sunday – which could only mean one thing. FAMILY ADVENTURE!

When I say family I mean my partner and I. Any who – Let’s jump into it.

We started the day at 7:30am in Brisbane. It was not exactly sunny, but it was a nice overcast. It was about a one and a half hours drive to our first destination – which was a complete whim. We had no plans to actually stop here, but the signs were calling me. IT WAS HINZE DAM.

Although the photo doesn’t do it justice, the water was absolutely flowing! I had never been here before – BUT apparently my partner had on a bike trip with my dad. Either way, we stopped at the little cafe at the top of the hill and looked around for a little bit before we moved on to our next destination.

Our next destination is a HUGE family hotspot, which we learnt very quickly. So many families had come to see the incredible Natural Bridge in Springbrook. Again, the pictures don’t do it justice. If you are ever in Brisbane or the near abouts of the Gold Coast please give yourself a trip out to the hinterlands and find this beauty!


 view from underneath the bridge
 view from above the bridge

Alas, the short hike came to an end and we moved on to our FINAL destination.
We have been hiking since we first got our license’s back in 2012, however we have never been to this place before. It was an absolute treat. We knew it was going to be some great views but we did NOT expect this.


Located in the Gold Coast hinterland about an hour and a half drive from Brisbane. This hike is about a 6km round trip (although part of the track was closed when we went due to severe weather). You will not be disappointed with multiple checkpoints filled with breath taking views. Within the first 200m you are presented with this view (see above photo). which is only about 25% of the actual view available from this lookout.

About 2 or 3 km in you are presented with the bottom of one of the waterfalls you may encounter. (Picture below)

The trail is super muddy at the moment and quite slippery in some parts especially towards the end and the beginning of the track!

This area is filled with gigantic boulders and again, another incredible view!

You’re probably tired by this point – we were!
But, never fear keep walking – the best is yet to come. you will walk through a few different stages of the path and eventually you will be presented with the mighty waterfall you saw as you began your journey!

I won’t give too much away. This wasn’t the easiest hike, but it is DEFINITELY not a hike to do in thongs – guys! We saw so many children and parents walking in thongs and clothing that wasn’t 100% appropriate for the outdoors. This is a public walk so it is maintained. HOWEVER, leeches and ticks are still about especially in rainforest areas like this once. If you choose to take on the hike – PLEASE wear the proper protective gear.
HOT TIP – make sure you bring a small snack and also a water bottle. We forgot. Rookie mistake.

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure as much as we did! I’m hoping to go back soon to see the rest of the track!

Let me know if there is anywhere else we should check out in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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