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Hey guys!

Welcome back to the blog! I am going to jump right in with todays’ topic as there is a fair amount to cover!
I’m going to be breaking down how to find your ‘niche’ for your blog/YouTube channel or in general content creation.

As you may have noticed – my niche is broken down into a couple categories:

  • Mid week Motivation
  • Health of the body and Mind
  • Blogging tips/tricks
  • Food Recipes


You ALSO may have noticed I haven’t yet reached out to ALL of these categories. I am working on that, bare with me. In other words – STAY TUNED!


When I first started blogging I was around 17, at first it was an outlet for personal lessons on how to break through society’s’ restraints. I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, I didn’t really enjoy my body – nor did I love myself. You could say I was my own worst critic. So, I started writing about how I can break through those barriers. Thus started MissJulieanne13.

From there I realised that I wanted to start a ‘vlog’ style blog. A way I could stream of conscious onto a website – resulting in haze of days. At 20 I lost myself. As well as BOTH of my blogs. I deleted them. I regret this so much. KEEP YOUR CONTENT STORED, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ACTUALLY LIKE IT.



Enough about me, let’s talk about how I chose my niche for Julieanne.blog.


At 23 I decided blogging and creating a youtube channel was something I need to do, and give my full attention to. It was my calling. However, I was not really sure what to write about and why.

I started with a vlog style again – just to get some content out there. Somewhere along the lines I decided I wanted to educate while creating, hence the Health of Body and Mind etc.

Now that I am completely rambling – Here are some steps to take when you are unsure what to write about.


  1. What is your WHY?

Establish a why. This means really look deep down into why you are doing this and make it apparent that there IS a reason. Write it down as a heading in a notebook.

My WHY is to educate and to give people the tools to live their best lives.



  1. What are the categories that relate to that why? Write them down.

With every passion there comes sub categories. All of these subcategories play an important part with your content creation strategies.

Write down 5 categories under your why in the notebook.

Mine are – health, fitness, nutrition, journey, and motivation




  1. Content Type

There is no point in writing about something you aren’t fully immersed in personally. If you love video games – note it down. Maybe you have multiple passions. WRITE THEM DOWN. Once you have your categories you need to figure out what style of content you want to release. Whether you want to create “how-to’s” or educational pieces or maybe you want to speak from experience.


Most bloggers are quite in touch with their knowledge and what they want to leave behind. What do you want to leave behind?



  1. List your content ideas.

Do you feel like you have figured out your niche yet? Lets start writing out some blog ideas. How often do you want to release a blog? Do you want to have a backlog? It is always a good idea to keep a few ideas on hand just in case you encounter the dreaded writers’ block.




  1. The final step.

Okay, now you have your Why, your sub-categories, the style of blogs and some ideas. Let’s now twist this a little bit. That Why, is your niche. Those sub categories should become your go to for the writers block and the ideas you have already written down are your ‘hit the ground running’ ability.


I hope this has helped some of you understand the process I took to get me where I am today. Let me know in the comments what your niche is and whether you used my process to develop the ideas – I’d love to hear from you!

Stay Creative


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