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What type of person are you?

Do you make a goal and stick to it relentlessly?

Do you set goals based on what others around you have said?

Do you set yourself goals but can’t hold to it?

Do you avoid setting goals because you don’t need to?

All of these things are referred to as personality traits.

According to Gretchin Rubin the happiness guru there are 4 personality types that help us identify how we can be motivate and stay motivated.

These are

Upholders – People who can take on rules from the outside influences and the inside influence. These people can follow guidelines, meet deadlines and do exactly what the doctor says.


Questioners – This type of person questions why the rules exist and only accepts to take them on if they make sense.


Rebel – These people avoid the rules and will not even glance in the rules’ direction. They will resist at all costs


Obliger – This person will complete a task from an outside influence but will not be able to follow along with an inside influence.
By outside influence I mean influences from our outer environment. Inside influence means something you have instilled yourself.

Once you can determine which of the four you identify with the most you can understand how your motivation works. Bare in mind – even if you don’t like what you identify with you CAN change your settings through habit work.



More on habit training in a later blog.

in the meantime – check out this healthy habits book!

Healthy Habits Healthy Life Mini Book


For everyone though, some form of accountability is normally needed for extra motivation keeping you on the track.


Well, you’re less likely to skip out on a gym workout if someone else is relying on you to go with them. You are more likely to go for a run or eat better if you have to tell someone you have done it.

Holding yourself accountable can be hard – especially if you’re an obliger, a questioner or a rebel. However, it is not impossible.



Without having to find and approach someone with similar goals to you – there are hundreds of ways you can help yourself on the internet these days.

Take Facebook groups as an example. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook that allow you to interact with people ALL over the world doing exactly the thing that you want to do.
I have found this is the most effective way to stay grounded and understand that you can achieve without needing to be completely self-reliant.



I have created TWO groups on Facebook!

One that allows you to grow and strive to be your best self – this one has a specific accountability post each week to keep you in check with your goals!

Check it out here!

I have created another Facebook group as well for bloggers of BRISBANE, specifically to help support one another and learn together!

You can check that one out here!

If you’re trying to find a way to stay motivated, definitely give some local Facebook groups a go, and even follow some hash tags on instagram. As we are continuously on our devices these days, this is the best way to keep you in check.


That’s all for today! I hope you find your way to your favourite style of ultimate accountability. I hope this allows you to achieve your dreams and goals!
Let me know if there are any other ways you hold yourself accountable in the comments below!



Stay Creative!


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