MWM: 4 steps to re-centre yourself

We all have those days that seem all too much. You know, the days you spilt your coffee, or didn’t get to do your morning routine. The days you slept through your alarm or your car broke down. The days that seem like the world is out to get us and nothing goes right.

This week I want you to recognise that those days are okay. We simply cannot be grateful for the good times with you don’t appreciate the bad as well. There is balance.

You’re probably thinking “how in the world do you expect me to be GRATEFUL for a day from hell?”. Well I’m going to answer some questions.

I’ve made a list of 4 steps to help you re-centre yourself after one of ‘those’ days.


Whatever it is you are doing, reading, driving, a pile of e-mails, lists upon lists of people to call, a workout to do. Just stop for 5 minutes. Allow yourself to breathe. Walk outside into the fresh air and let the sun/moonlight touch your skin.

You can and will achieve all that you need to, nothing more, and nothing less. Allow yourself to achieve slowly and you’ll be impressed at the quality compared to if you rushed through.


  1. Be grateful.


Write down 3 things you are grateful for in your life, whether it be your partner, your ability to pay the bills, the place you live in, the love of your family. Maybe you are grateful for being awake and alive. Be grateful for something, anything, express it and really let yourself read the words as you write them. Read them 2-3 times even. Allow yourself to be happy in the moment. Bask in the gratitude, this will allow you to accept the problems you are having and move forward in your day.


  1. Ground yourself


This may sound a little strange – but it works! Put your hands on the table flat. Then the chair your sitting on, even touch the ground under the chair. Really allow yourself to understand your surroundings and connect with the moment at hand. At times when your mind is racing it can be hard to appreciate the current time and place. Doing this allows you to remember that you have now. And that is enough


  1. Move forward


Allow yourself to accept that today has been hard and move forward. This step gives you the closure of accepting that you aren’t going to have a perfect day today, and that is okay. This gives you the ability to continue to strive towards being great.


Progress over perfection is the key here.


I hope this list can help you the way it has helped me time and time again. At the end of the day our real goal is progress over perfection. Repeat that over and over again until it sticks. This has made such a huge difference in my life – I hope it can do so for you, too.


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