5 ways to start loving yourself

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About 7 years ago I wrote a blog post about beauty. This is my revamped, recreation.

Beauty is the Goal – Self Confidence is the key – REVAMP

We all want to be beautiful, right? However, most of us have diluted our image with inner thoughts of self loathing negativity.

“I’m too fat”
“My hair is too curly”
“My eyebrows are too bushy”
“I don’t have an hourglass figure”
“My boobs aren’t big enough”

Sound familiar?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I, too, have many flaws that I don’t necessarily love. I’m going to list 10 of my flaws below, just to give you an idea of how I view myself.

1.I have hairy knuckles
2. My teeth are crooked
3. I have acne scars
4. My eczema has left me looking scabby and ashy
5. My hair is taking too long to grow
6. I don’t like my body
7. I have cellulite
8. I have a chubby face
9. One of my thumbs is smaller than the other
10. I hardly have any toenails

Not a pretty sight, huh?

I have been nurturing and looking after myself for years. About 11 to be exact.

I was watching a little girl run around and play the other day. She looked at her mum and said “You look beautiful today, Mum”. My heart was full.

Then I got thinking, what happens between that age and my age that ‘defines’ our view of what beautiful is. I’ll give you a few hints.

The ‘ideal’ view of beauty is so distorted these days. Most women don’t even recognise themselves if they decide to go under the knife and make changes to resemble the ideal.

Rather than rambling on about how ‘messed up’ society has become. I want to enlighten you with some tips, tricks and helpful quotes to get you on the road to falling back in love with yourself.


Falling in love with yourself DOES NOT MAKE YOU CONCEITED. You are not selfish if you decide that you like the way you look. YOU ARE NOT “UP YOURSELF” IF YOU CAN HAPPILY LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SMILE!

Great. Now, that’s out of the way. Let’s move on.

I’ve already told you what I don’t like about my body. So here’s a little quote I have learnt to live by.

“What someone else thinks of you is NONE of your business.” – Deepak Chopra

Regardless of what society has told you countless times, beauty does not lie in the beholder. Beauty can be radiated from within.

You need to truly fall in love with yourself to feel that radiation. If that means changing a few things – by all means, do what makes your heart sing.

Just remember to love the process, too. The end result may be a goal – but for you to be happy with the result you have got to thoroughly enjoy the process from A to B.


Self Confidence – a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

You have every right to make the decision if you are the person of interest. You are worthy of more. Yes – you do deserve that raise. You can absolutely change your weight positively and feel amazing.

Do not let other peoples’ unpopular opinions keep you from going for what you love. Yes, there may be backlash. There will probably be arguments. Just remember at the end of the day – you are making the decision for YOU. No one else.

To finish off I will leave you with a few tips to begin your self love journey.

5 ways to start loving yourself more!

1. Do something you LOVE at least once a day.
Maybe that’s playing music, reading, going for a walk, painting. Do something that makes your heart sing at least once a day – even for 10 minutes.

2. Allow yourself to evaluate where you are vs where you want to be
Allow yourself to see the changes you could make to put you in a better position to live your best life. Whether that’s exercise, eating healthy, choosing to study or engaging in a new relationships (romantic or not)

3. Recognise that you are the only you there is.
You will never meet an exact replica of yourself. So, why be average at it.

4. Give yourself some time.
This day and age everyone is all about working hard and helping everyone around them. If you’re one of these people – STOP. For at least an hour. Give yourself some time to be with yourself. Have a bath, meditate, listen to music, watch your favourite rom-com with a glass of wine. Love spending time with yourself.

5. Put on your own oxygen mask first.
During an airplane emergency you are instructed to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting the person beside you. APPLY THIS TO LIFE. If you are not well, or well rested, or even feeling up to it – put yourself first. You will not have full capacity to help anyone if you are not helping yourself first.

Remember: Beauty is the goal – self-confidence is the key.

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6 thoughts on “5 ways to start loving yourself

  1. My four year old son is an excellent “mirror” for me. It never fails that when I feel gross, he will turn and tell me, oh momma you look beautiful. We are so critical of ourselves but it’s so important we give ourselves grace and take care of ourselves. This was a really good list!

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