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This mid-week motivation is in blog form! Mostly because I didn’t feel like working with Audio today. However, I feel that reading words can be more moving than listening sometimes, too!

This weeks’ topic is Procrastination. Specifically List Writers.

We all have our own ways of procrastinating, however, the most common is writing lists.

Some of these lists aren’t always a bad thing – they help you get your thoughts out and also help you understand what you need to achieve for the day.

The type of lists that can be negatively affecting your productivity are the ones that never end.
I am talking about that one list that we add to daily and never really complete. This is a seriously awful habit for your mind. Let’s jump into the WHY.

These never ending lists may help you achieve sometimes, but in reality they are a reminder of how ‘busy’ you should be. Lets say you have 15 things on your list to do. You complete 10 of them, but you have 5 more to do but its 11pm at night and you can’t keep your eyes open. INCOMING STRESSOR. If you’re anything like me you’ll know that not having completed a task will hinder your ability to have a good nights sleep.

Another reason lists can be affecting your productivity is by never allowing yourself to not have one. For example you have a list of 10 things you need to do, but it’s your friends birthday and you really should spend time with them. You go and spend time with them, but you can’t enjoy yourself because you are thinking of all the things you ‘should’ be doing.

This mid-week motivation is more like a productivity tip AND a challenge.

THIS WEEKS’ CHALLENGE:¬†I want you to try and go 3 days without a list this week.

For mental clarity ensure your goals are achievable within a manageable time frame and understand that time for your relationships is just as important as ‘the hustle’.

Stay creative!


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