Let’s Get Started | 2018

Welcome to 2018 everyone!


What a year 2017 was. From what I have read about my friends’ reflections of the year it was all around ROUGH for a lot of people.

I am hoping that we all ended the year on a positive note and if not – I am hoping the next few pieces of information I tell you might be able to help kick start the good vibes!


I AM RELEASING A PODCAST. Yes, that’s right. A podcast. Mid-week Motivation by Julieanne.blog
You guys asked, I am delivering. Every Wednesday there will be a new 5 minute motivational podcast for you to listen to. If you’re reading this the day I’ve written it – you might have already realised today is Wednesday. Oh, yeah. It’s starting today. SURPRISE!!!

Click Here if you want to listen on SoundCloud.

Click Here if you want to listen on Youtube.

exciting topic I am able to tell you all is that I am now working with a few different companies that supply me with some of my favourite health foods! I am so thrilled to share with you my YOR Health Website. Just click here to find ALL of my favourite supplements and foods!


In other news, I am about to complete my personal training course and I have launched a Re-Create Yourself Facebook group for people who want to learn more about their health and fitness journeys and share their experiences in a safe and positive space.  Please click HERE to join the group!


am looking forward to 2018 and what is in store!

Tune in on Friday for all the information you need about setting your goals for 2018!

Happily Re-creating,


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