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Hey, It’s been a while.


I don’t know what day it is on my 100 day challenge. I hardly know what day of the week it is.

But, I wanted to talk about something.

So many people write blogs to give someone else a purpose and help others with their issues. That’s great. Maybe, I am just not there yet. Maybe, I am the one that needs help.

I’m not talking about psychology or medicine.

I’m the one who needs to benefit from writing blogs. I am the one who needs to listen to my inner thoughts just come out, and acknowledge their existence. Not necessarily listen to them, but acknowledge that they are there.

Everyone reading probably thinks I am crazy. In reality, I don’t think I care about looking crazy. I do care, however, about my mental health. I believe this is going to be a huge step. Acknowledging myself.

I am real. I am human. I make mistakes, I think things that could be potential lies poisoning my initial thought process. I am, at times, toxic to myself and others. There are times I find myself thinking. Why  not me? Why can’t I be doing that?

That is why the branding of ‘I create myself’ is so important to me. I want to write a whole post about why this is so important to me, as I don’t think I can portray the magnitude of change that it has helped me go through.

On another note, I am about to graduate from my personal training course. New career? Maybe.

I got  a new retail job, it’s kinda cool. New career? Maybe.

This is a new day.

Let’s get creative.

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