Day 17 | Update Caffeine Free, 5km Run!

Hey guys! It’s day 17. We are so close to approaching the 1st quarter of my 100 day life turn around!

Am I impressed with my outcome so far? No. Blankly. I’m not. I am forever told that patience is a must when it comes to launching a new career, changing your body and training your mind. So here’s to patience. The virtue that I don’t hold.

Three days ago I decided to quit caffeine. The response I got from the blog post announcing it, Click here if you want to read it, was absolutely astounding. So many people were shocked that I would even consider it!

I have been a pro-coffee creator for so long – no one has been able to grasp that I can function without it. I want to elaborate something for you. There are so many informational and not-so informational articles out there about whether or not caffeine is good for you. Here’s what I say. You do you. If it works for you and doesn’t seem to have any health implications¬† – By all means CONTINUE doing you. Just make sure you ARE listening to your body.

There were a few articles I read – which I won’t link because I am not sure they are health approved etc etc, that told me some of the things I was experiencing could be linked to caffeine consumption. These symptoms were, excessive bloating, bad skin break outs, sugar addiction, poor sleeping habits, mood swings etc etc. All average kind of symptoms right? WRONG.

Let me tell you. It is day 3 of NO CAFFEINE for me. Here are a few things that have changed for me IN JUST 3 DAYS!
1 – My skin has cleared up significantly. Although a few break outs (thanks menstruation, sorry tmi).

2 – My moods are drastically different. Ask my partner. I am happy and laughing and open to jokes, I am less irritable and all around just more pleasant of a person to be around.

3 – My bloating, because I drink a lot more water, has basically disappeared. I do have a bit of weight to lose. However, I don’t feel heavy and dragged down by lack of energy.

4 – I sleep from 8pm to 4am. Which is amazing. I fall asleep when I need to. I wake up when I need to. I feel great. I don’t need a cup of coffee or caffeinated drink to get me going. I just wake up, have a glass of water and my smoothie I am ready to go!

5 – I no longer crave sweet things ALL the time. I have found my binge eating has also decreased. I am able to control my appetite with portions and water in take.

Although, it is only day 3 I can not wait to see how long term effects of this new developing healthy habit pan out.

On Monday – I did have a slight headache, to be expected when you go through addiction deprivation.¬† You are to train your body to not need it anymore. I took some advil. Basically half an hour later I went for a run. Guess what. I ran 5km is 42 minutes. Now that doesn’t seem like much. HOWEVER, just last week it took me 50 minutes to run the same route. I took 8 minutes off in just under a week. I am over the moon.¬† Hopefully I will be able to smash the rest of my goals for October as well.

I would love to hear about your goals for October, whether it be financial, health, fitness, habits or anything really!  Let me know in the comments

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