Day 8 | Training, Teriyaki Chicken and Caffeine

So, I missed a few days. I am sorry. I’ll let you know why – keep reading!

Day 8. Tuesday the 3rd of October. It felt like a Monday. Dragging. Exhausting. Confusing.

I have an issue with caffeine. It seems if I drink anything caffeinated after 2pm I can’t sleep the following night. I mean, that’s probably what happens to most people. This is new for me. BeingĀ  a Barista for the past 8 years I managed to build up a tolerance to caffeine. This generally meant I could drink A LOT of it with minimal effect on my sleeping patterns/general energy levels. The past year I cut down a lot. I now only drink 1 cup of coffee a day. Generally in the morning when I am getting ready for work. If I have another it is to test the coffee brewing throughout the day.

ANYWAY. Monday at 5pm I consumed a caffeinated beverage, leaving me sleepless throughout the night, I tossed and turned, tried to meditate, tried getting up and stretching my legs. Nothing worked. My alarm then went off. Ugh. I went to work and was surprisingly not as tired as I was expecting.

UNTIL about 3pm that is. I raced home to get changed and leave again. I had a personal training session at 4.30 – Which went brilliantly I was really focused and engaged. Came home, cooked some dinner.

I made home made chicken teriyaki with noodles and broccoli. It was delicious if I do say so myself.
I hung out at home for a bit and ended up passing out. I was woken up about an hour later by my partner saying “are you sleeping here tonight?” I then migrated to the bed and continued to sleep until 7:30am this morning! Are you kidding. This is the over sleeping thing again!

Anyway – I am going to the doctors today hopefully. I will let you know how it all goes!

Keep Creating – Keep pushing. Don’t give up!

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