Insta-Highlight Reel. How to stay grounded.

Hey guys – What’s up!
Welcome to the first blog special! These will be released every Sunday.

If you’ve read the title – you already know you’re in for a treat.

Let’s start by saying. My philosophy is to open the minds of others and allow them to realise that everyone has the potential to create themselves.
Crazy, right? No. All it takes is some courage, patience, strength, probably a lot of tears and maybe even some heartbreak. Oh, I missed out something. Rejection. All of these emotions relate to your inner ability to conceive, plan and execute ideas which may or may not align with your mission and vision. So, what’s your mission and vision? Are you on track?

I needed you to know and question that. As my first topic of discussion is the Insta-Highlight Reel. Now, I love Instagram. I have more followers there than I do on any other platform. I personally use it as an inspiration type of platform. However, many people, see Instagram accounts and feel envy. Why? Simple.

People only post photos of things they want everyone else to see. If you were feeling sad and spent the entire day in bed – you wouldn’t take a photo of the tv and say ‘this is me right now’. No, you’d probably search your phone for a selfie or a photo you took in the previous days, months or even years, edit it up, then post it with a caption like ‘dreaming of sunnier days’ etc etc.

Okay, Julie – what’s your point?

My point is. You, are here. now. You aren’t in the future, you aren’t in the past, you are here. The only point in time where real change can happen is right NOW. Looking at someone else’s perfectly planned Instagram High-light reel and feeling as though you are not living how you could be living is not the way to be living.


Alright, so how do I avoid getting sucked into the lack of reality?


Easy. A few great ways you can use this platform as a way of self motivation while observing your growth are:

  1. vow to make your Instagram real. FOR YOU. post things as raw, as real and as unedited, behind the scenes as you want.
  2. stop viewing some accounts as a way of gaging where you are in life, go as far as unfollowing them if it becomes an issue.
  3. if you feel that you can’t focus on your mission and vision without being distracted by the high-lights section. A hiatus from the platform may be in your best interests.

Today, I am making a vow to you. My Instagram, and all other social media platforms will be used as a form to express my emotions and positions wholly. Featuring ups, downs, achievements, failures and all of the in-between.

What steps are you taking to create yourself today?


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