Day 5 – Work. Sleep. Cheat Meal.

Welcome back to another recount of my day.

Todays topic. Day 5. Friday the 29th of September to be more specific.

This is going to be a very short sweet and probably boring blog. I’m sorry.

When you daily blog this is definitely something that happens. Sometimes, life just isn’t that interesting.

Let’s start by saying. I went to work. It was a pretty productive day and I am happy to say I was able to leave at a time where everything just fell into place. I left at 2pm. I went to the gym – even though it was only 10 minutes.
I then came home and cleaned up the flat. I normally do this on Saturdays but I wanted to get ahead. I was meant to do my laundry. I didn’t.
I was waiting for my partner to arrive home so we could grab some dinner and relax.
He came home, we were sitting down and just kind of content.

Then I receive a phone call. I was actually replacing my phones protective screen at this time. Which meant I couldn’t answer. It was a colleague. On Fridays we open up the cafe as a bar. I was pretty nervous, but he sent a follow up message. “You’ve left your wallet here”


I don’t live close to my workplace. I live about an hours drive, honestly. I’m so angry with myself. After such a smooth afternoon I now have to drive back to work, JUST to pick up my damn wallet. I was hungry, angry and there was traffic.  I don’t remember much else. I picked up my wallet. I went home and had a gross cheat meal – which I later regretted.
However, my body is still making me sleep a long time. I slept from 7pm to 7am today.
Am I deficient in something? Is it the heat? Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?

Anyway. At least I have plenty of sleep under my belt for my studying loads today.

After all, I am recreating myself.

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