Day One – The Monday from hell

Okay – Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. BUT, it definitely wasn’t the best Monday I’ve experienced.

You know how the first day of most projects is usually when you’re most motivated to get it done? Mine was not that way. I believe it is because I don’t see this as day one. I see it as the beginning of something. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s get into it.

I’m going to start by saying – Hey, My name is Julie and I am 24 years old. I’m your average Australian millennial struggling with debt, body confidence and my career. Keeping all of the above in mind I have decided to be SUPER original and blog my way through this catastrophe I call my life.

No, but seriously, my life is not all that bad. I have ambition – which is more than what a lot of people have. I just get this feeling that maybe, it’s time to do something with that ambition.

Using this blog, I am going to be going picking my brain for any form of lessons learned and any chance to show gratitude to my surroundings.

Ultimately the point is to help others by talking about over coming my own struggles.

Enough of that.

It’s Monday.

I went to work, and my fridges had stopped working due to the heat wave happening in Queensland right now. Ugh! After 8 hours of re organising the cafe so that I have all of my products stored while we get the fridge fixed, I finally felt at peace with my efforts

I want to talk about something I did today which shocked me, physically and mentally. Today I sent an email to my boss telling him that I no longer enjoy coming to work.

You may be thinking – “Really, Julie? Who enjoys going to work”
I have always believe that occupational happiness is a HUGE part of a successful and happy life. You spend over 40 hours a week somewhere, you should at least be doing something that makes your heart sing.

Unfortunately for me. This is no longer the case. I have never tried talking about it to fix the issue before.. I know, I’m weak and have zero self confidence. But – I did it anyway.

It did NOT turn out how I expected.

My boss rang me 7 hours after the e-mail was sent. He was understanding and apologetic of the situation. We spoke for about 30 minutes on how we can rectify the situation. I was also assured that if something else sparked my heart again that he encourages me to go for it – no hard feelings. “This is incredible.” I thought to myself. For the first time in WEEKS I feel at ease with listening to my inner thoughts and reactions.

Next thing I know I am getting a call from an unknown number. Confused – I answered the phone as per usual. “Hello, Julie Speaking”. Here is where everything made sense.
The person on the other side of the phone call has the potential to change my entire career. They want to meet me and talk me through getting a degree as a fitness professional. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I am in awe at how lucky I am to even be considered for this.

If you know me, then you know that I danced for 15 years, so fitness has always been a part of my life. HOWEVER, the past few months I have struggled with my weight and body confidence. More on that later.

Anyway – Of corse I am going to work my absolute butt off to try and make this opportunity work. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon which, kind of, maybe, clashes with some staff training at cafe.

I just need to suck it up and follow my heart. That’s what I’m going to do.

On another note. I definitely could have eaten better today. I had pizza as an after work snack/lunch. I hadn’t eaten between 4.30am and 3pm (Oops) and then after my work out. YES, I worked out. I went to a Body Attack class as I just wasn’t feel weights today. None the less, I was active for 60 minutes! I then ate a coconut protein shake and broccoli soup with toast. (probably could go without the toast).

I mean, what can I do? I guess I can try better tomorrow. After all – I do create myself.

The question is. Do you create yourself? Did you know you could?

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